The Becket School and Humboldt Gymnasium

The first exchange to have taken place between The Becket School in Nottingham and the Humboldt Gymnasium in Karlsruhe was, we believe, in 1984. Since then, a yearly exchange programme has taken place between the two schools, building on the original link to form the most long-standing school exchange in Nottinghamshire of thirty-five years.

The relationship between the schools is now very strong and I am proud to have led the exchange in its most recent history during the past six years. Teachers and students from both The Becket School and the Humboldt Gymnasium have enjoyed the benefits of this very special relationship year-on-year and one Becket School student told me last year that ‘visiting Germany and learning the language has given me a bigger outlook on the world and what it has to offer’. This is exactly the reason why we work hard to ensure that the exchange takes place each year for our students and why an exchange is invaluable to the language-learning experience.

We hope that the exchange between The Becket School and the Humboldt Gymnasium continues to be successful for many years to come.