Nottingham-Karlsruhe Friendship Club


Nottingham was twinned with Karlsruhe in 1969, for the purpose of trade and industry. This year is the 50th Anniversary.
Some ten years later, a group was formed in Karlsruhe, under the leadership of Hajo Walter, for the purpose of friendship between Nottingham and Karlsruhe. They called themselves, the Deutsch-Englischer Freundeskreis, (German-English Friendship Club) or D.E.F. Hajo decided to start this friendship club, because, during the war he was a prisoner of war in Nottingham, and he was treated so well by the local people, he decided this was the way to create a citizens friendship group. Prior to 1982, a small delegation from the DEF came to Nottingham under the guidance of Hajo, for the purpose of finding a partner club. This was successful, and in 1982 the first meeting of the Nottingham Karlsruhe Friendship Club (NKFC), took place at the Bell Inn in Nottingham.

The aim of the NKFC is to encourage links between Nottingham and its twin city of Karlsruhe, to promote international co-operation, understanding and goodwill, and appreciation of respective national cultures. Both the DEF and the NKFC have exchange visits, lasting approximately five days, alternate years. These have taken place since 1982. Members stay with a host family, and meet most days for an eventful programme. This year in July, a delegation from the NKFC will be visiting Karlsruhe, for a period of one week, for the official celebrations of the 50th Anniversary. During this same period the NKFC will be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the DEF. Later in the year, in October, Nottingham will be having their official celebrations for the 50th Anniversary, members of the DEF and other organisations from Karlsruhe will be present. The NKFC meet every month, with the exception of January and September. Our programme consists of talks on various subjects, slide shows, cultural evenings, BBQ’s, pub lunches and social evenings. It is not a requirement that you speak German, because our meetings are all in English.

Over the years the NKFC has been involved with various events organised by the Nottingham City Council, representing Nottingham at the promotional stand at Karlsruhe Christmas Market, promotional exhibition stands at outside events in Nottingham Market square, and the Castle grounds. The NKFC is once again pleased to support the Nottingham City Council in their celebration of fifty years of twining. For more information please contact