Castle Rock

Castle Rock is a brewery and pub group and we have been proud to run pubs within Nottinghamshire since 1977, and brew beer since 1997. Nottinghamshire inspires a lot of what we do, from using locally grown and supplied produce through to celebrating local heroes with their own special beer. Therefore, we’re only too pleased to celebrate 50 years of twinning with Karlsruhe and we’re really looking forward to Nottingham hosting various celebratory events throughout 2019. The city of Karlsruhe has a great brewing history which we’ve seen first-hand, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with one of the breweries in 2019 and cement our city partnership with a beer inspired by both British and German brewing traditions – with a twist!

Our brewery tap’s brand new events space (the Old Cold Store) will be hosting the Nottingham/Karlsruhe launch event on Monday 29th April and we invite as many local businesses as possible to get involved, support the initiative and help us communicate that the cultural exchange that twinning brings is important to us understanding both our own history and those of our neighbours. During the launch event, we’ll be showcasing a special cask ale which is brewed as a small nod to the Pilsner-style, brewed with German hops and an extended conditioning time.

Twinship – First Brew