Nottingham and Karlsruhe

Nottingham is a city within the East Midlands region, known for its role in the Robin Hood legend and for the hilltop Nottingham Castle Museum.  

Karlsruhe is situated on the Rhineland Plain between the Black Forest, the Vosges mountains and the Palatinate Forest.  Our cities are comparable in size, having approximately 300,000 citizens. 

We share a number of the same twin cities including Nancy (FR) Krasnodar (RU), Timisoara (Romania).

In 2016 we signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote trade, investment and economic cooperation.

Business and Cultural Partnerships

There have been many benefits from our partnership over the years, such as Karlsruhe’s help in the development of Nottingham’s tram network. Culturally we have embedded strong links, including school and staff exchange programmes, arts and crafts design companies, theatre groups, orchestras, choirs and local breweries and more…

Prior Twinning Collaborations

Music related:

Buxton Festival Fringe July 2017

Nottingham Music Service organised a summer school for their Robin Hood Youth Orchestra(RHYO) and their counterparts in Karlsruhe, 101 musicians started a procession all around the Pavilion Gardens for a full 30 minutes.  This was proceeded by a 50-strong Robin Hood Orchestra performance. Finally, the Karlsruhe Orchestra took to the stage. This brass and woodwind ensemble royally entertained a crowd of 200 for over 40 minutes.

The orchestras also played in the Peak Cavern. Around 200 people attended the fantastic concert, with all ticket sales and donations going to Framework, a charity that works to prevent homelessness, for their outreach work with rough sleepers in Sheffield.

‘Out of the world’ concert at St Mary’s Church July 2017

With performances by RHYO and Jugendorchester Stadt Karlsruhe with an audience of more than 200 attendees

‘Come Together 2015’ Karlsruhe’s 300th Birthday in July 2015

RHYO visited Germany to perform with orchestras from Halle, Timisoara and Krasnodar, hosted by the Jugendorchester Stadt Karlsruhe

Colleges & Universities:

Nottingham’s central college students working in Karlsruhe’s creative industries for two weeks in 2016

As a part of a cultural exchange project, fifteen students were awarded a place on the residential trip to Karlsruhe, the focus being the links between Sherwood Forest and The Black Forest. The students met their counterparts from a local college, the Carl-Hofer-Schule.  The trip was part of the third annual Creative Enterprise Scholarship where students submit work that is judged by a panel of college staff.

Nottingham Trent University has a partnership with ‘Karlshochschule International University’ in Karlsruhe

Art related:

GEDOK ‘Women’s Picture of Art’ in October 2009

‘Karlsruhe Week’ to celebrate the 40th Anniversary NG and KA. Thirteen Karlsruhe’s artists came to Nottingham and gave an exhibition in the Angel Row Gallery

Danica Maier ‘Midlands & Tooraloorals’ exhibition in Karlsruhe in May and June 2009

Professor Danica Maier from Nottingham Trent University gave an exhibition in the GEDOK Gallery in Karlsruhe

Buildings and places:

NET bridge over railway station is named Karlsruhe Friendship Bridge

Karlsruhe’s Mayor came to Nottingham to officially name the new bridge in 2012. Karlsruhe helped and supported the project based on their experiences of building and operating their own extensive and award-winning tram network

In 2014 a delegation from Karlsruhe joined the first group of people to cross onto the bridge, led by Karlsruhe’s mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup


Lace Market Theatre on Tour in Karlsruhe in 2016